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The Library of Dr V. R. Godhaniya College is built up within an area of 2700 square feet. There are 52 cupboards and 8 giant reading tables in the library. Almost 80 to 100 students can sit and read books at a time.

Rules & Regulations

»  College library remains open from 1:20 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. for the Faculty of Information & Technology.
»  Readers shall maintain absolute order and complete silence in the library.
»  Students are permitted to use the library, shall not tear off pages, disfigure or deface by writing in margins or by underlining in books, periodicals, maps or charts.
»  No personal belongings shall be allowed to be carried by the readers beyond the issue counter.
»  A book once issued, is allowed to be kept for 15 days. A member, therefore will have to return the book within the stipulated time limit.
»  If a member requires to keep the same book for a longer period than the prescribed time limit, he/she will have to return it first within that time limit. Afterwards, if possible, it shall be issued again.
»  If books issued to a member are found defaced, mutilated or torn at the time of return, he/she will have to replace them or pay the price of it. Students are, therefore, advised to scrutinize books thoroughly before getting them issued.
»  No tracing or mechanical reproduction of any book, map or manuscript shall be made without the written permission of the concerned authority.
»  If a book issued is lost by a member, he/she will have to pay its price according to the price list of the Library Register.
»  Periodicals are not issued to the students. They are allowed to read them in the library itself during free periods.
»  College authority reserves the right to cancel the membership of irregular students.
»  Any violation of the Library Rules shall render a member lose his/her privilege of borrowing books from the library.
»  Enrollment for Borrowing Books.

A student will register himself/herself in the library at the beginning of the academic session with his/her fee receipt and identity card.

No. Subjects No. of Books
1 Computer Books 6200
2 Magazines 800
3 Present 60
4 Regular I.T. Magazines (Chip, Digit) 2
5 Project Reports 600
6 IT CD's From Books 1000
7 6 Types of Magazine CD's 500

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